I attended a funeral of my childhood friend’s father this afternoon and on the way to the memorial garden I was filled with thoughts about death and uncertainty. I listened to my mother and some of our old neighbors’ comments about the memorial garden where the deceased would be laid to rest, cremation, etc.

It was my first time to visit in Divine Shepherd Memorial Gardens, obviously because it was one of the few high-end cemeteries in the city. I heard my mom’s friend saying it was the only one in the city which offers cremation services. My mind was playing around with estimated figures and I concluded that even in death one cannot escape the expenses.

It struck me that my co-passengers in the vehicle thought cremation is kind of cruel. I noticed it was mostly the women who reacted that it was inhumane. I told them cremation saves the public a ton of space, we all come from dust anyway and to dust we shall return. So how can it be inhumane and cruel? If I die and get cremated, I’d probably be doing one or two homeless families a huge favor.

My mom thinks the process of preferring cremation over the normal burial is unconventional and doesn’t seem to respect the sanctity of the body. Her friends agreed that they couldn’t bear the thought of the deceased bodies of their loved ones being charred – they see it as some sort of double death.

Amid the conversation I couldn’t fully relate to, I decided to keep quiet and turned my thoughts inward.