Past life regression hypnotherapy has become one of the types of therapies reported to help one work through unexplained phobias, panic attacks, neurotic behavioral patterns and vices. The session is done by a registered and licensed hypnotherapist.

297498254_1359354964As the name of the therapy suggests, this process employs hypnosis to take the subject back to a traumatic life event from the earlier stages or previous past lives which triggered a particular defense mechanism. We all have different ways in coping with a psychologically traumatic experience; in some cases in order to deal with the pain or trauma, we rationalize and unconsciously resort to denial so we can bury the pain along with the memory. What has been repressed tend to show up as abnormal behavior because the trauma was not completely resolved through self-acceptance. Repression is a band-aid fix kind of defense mechanism and this is the unconscious’ way of protecting us from the debilitating shock of a trauma.

I was in Malaysia in 2009 when my friend recommended I read the true story of how a psychotherapist, Dr. Brian Weiss M.D., helped his troubled 27-year-old patient, Catherine (pseudonym only), to work through her anxiety attacks and irrational phobias via hypnosis in his book called Many Lives, Many Masters.

I had not read the book that year but I was able to enlist the services of a past life regression hypnotherapist in Malaysia mostly out of curiosity. To move forward, we sometimes need to stop for a while and look back.

I have just downloaded the e-book for Many Lives, Many Masters. In my next article I will share how my 2009 past life regression hypnotherapy session went.