Hypnotism ConceptI had two weeks left to go in December 2009 before my flight back home when I became curious about trying out the past life regression therapy. Aside from my curiosity, my other motivation was my awareness of my own obsessive-compulsive tendencies when it came to relationships and my unrealistic expectations with men.

I found Dr. Selina Chew, PhD, C.Ht, a Malaysian certified hypnotherapist and past life regression therapist via a Google search. During our e-mail exchange to set up an appointment, she instructed me to listen to a 12-minute mp3 to enable me to visualize clearly. She reiterated the importance of letting the right brain (intuition and creativity) take rein in a hypnotherapy session. I knew I was in trouble and doubted hypnotherapy would work for me because I was highly focused on left-brain tasks (logic and reasoning) due to my day job.

The first two-hour session cost 320 Malaysian Ringgit and subsequent one-and-a-half-hour sessions cost 280 Malaysian Ringgit. This was back in 2009, I am not sure if she charges the same fees. For a standard regression session like mine, it was recommended to have 2 sessions.

On the day of my past life regression session, I gave her a bit of a background about my concern. I admit for the first few minutes I was able to drift off and relax and I could hear and understand her soothing voice guiding me. However my logical left brain desperately wanted to make sense what was going on within that peaceful state. I made it difficult for myself and I even doubted if the past life memory recall of somewhere in Europe could be verified in the Akashic records or if it was just a creation of my imagination.

Due to my flight scheduled back to my hometown on the last week of December in 2009, I could not follow up my first hypnotherapy session with a second session. I was skeptical mainly because my more logical self took over.

Three months after that session, I started attending group meditation sessions in Manila and with constant practice, it has helped me a lot to focus and to keep my mind still when needed.

If you’re living in Malaysia and want to experience for yourself what a past life regression hypnotherapy session is like, I recommend you look up Dr. Selina Chew.

Image source: Hypnotism Concept — Image by © Colin Anderson/Brand X/Corbis