chickenpatienceI generally detest delays. As of this point my thin slice of a patience is sorely being tested by the sluggish internet connection. Ironically this is happening when I want to accomplish more within the limited hours I have access to a laptop. Plus there is the health challenge of trying to go to bed at 9pm. Right.

What do delays mean to you? There have been many instances in my life when delays saved me from trouble. Like that internet voyeur incident I experienced, the delay caused by the web camera suddenly not working allowed me to buy some time to think. It’s not that over time I have learned to respect that delays are beneficial, rather it’s the lesson of the saving grace of delays that’s making itself appear more and more profound in my life. Divine intervention, as some call it. Ironically I feel like as my age increases, the more obstacles, blocks and delays I experience.

The delays intuitively tell me not to push it. If the internet  is sluggish at the moment, I might as well go to sleep and not push it. Sometimes my Pollyanna attitude sees delays as a test of perseverance. I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

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