book-many-lives-many-masters-brian-weiss-review11In one of my previous posts I’ve mentioned the book Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss, M.D. I am halfway through and couldn’t wait to finish the book.

The past life regression that the patient, Catherine, had undergone with the assistance of psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss, M.D. made me reflect on reincarnation and the fleeting nature of earthly life. Not that I haven’t reflected on these before, I already have. But this time my reflection has shed light on a different circumstance – the previous insights I have had regarding life, death and reincarnation has assuaged the anger and hatred I have had lately for those things I call unfair. I have intuitively known for quite some time that nothing is unfair, everything happens for a reason.

I’m not having a very good cycle for the past 3 months. I have been beset with so many delays and obstacles and my impatience makes me angry. Reading about the past life regression of Catherine helped me realize to stay grounded and be more tolerant of people who don’t hold the same views as I do. The delays are temporary, the delays are opportunities for rest and for doing something else, maybe something I haven’t entirely planned but know will come anyway.

It also made me realize why I was born in the family that I have right now. My family has made spiritual sacrifices for my sake by magnifying each of the family member’s differences – I am the only one in the family who questioned their faith (Roman Catholicism) a lot and who, by serendipity, dared enter a mystical school.

None of my family placement and my spiritual awakening was ever a major fluke, even though I have used the word serendipity freely.

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