Today my friend Danielle asked me about the Show Money or Proof of Funds for my tourist visa application to Australia last year. She’s planning to make the trip to Melbourne this May with a friend and it will be their first time to visit. I told her between February and May she has little time to prepare and advised her to plan her trip and buy tickets at least 6 months ahead. She was not the only friend who asked me that question. Last year one of my college friends also wondered how I took care of the Show Money during the application.

I responded that I merely had $1200 in my dollar savings account but my bank statement shows $1200 deposits every month from my previous company. After I sent the photocopy of the bank statement to the Australian embassy along with other required documents, I proceeded to withdraw my own money. That was it. Of course they also require your employment contract so they can also look at your earning capacity.

My college friend was surprised and thought I had to produce half a million Philippine pesos just to apply for a tourist visa. She added the embassy is making it difficult for applicants from the Philippines to get in and that I was lucky. Maybe I was and I believe she has the right to question the process because she had applied and worked in Sydney from 2005 until 2011.

Danielle said that she did look for good deals on Air Asia, Air Asia now flies direct from Clark Manila to Melbourne. But she still found the promo fare expensive and said she might be having problems with the Show Money within 3 months.

The last piece of advice I did tell her was if she wants to resolve the Show Money problem, it’s best to ask for a letter of invite from someone she knows in Australia, that’s if she knows any close friend or relative who lives there. Having a letter of invite will take away the burden of the proof of funds required from her.