brain et rest


Image source: Brain et rest

There’s so many ideas going on in my head at once that it’s hard to clear these cobwebs in my head. Just when I think I had hit the target on my head on one topic and about ready to write, I am then being pulled back by drowsiness. It must have been the crowding ideas that overwhelmed my brain cells and like a tired machine its automatic reflex is to shut down for a while. I am no scientist and I cannot point out the reasons why, I am merely describing what it felt like.

While I called this an unproductive day, I am aware it is only my perception that it is such. So often we mistake productivity by confining it under the definition of having accomplished the to-do’s we list down or were focused to follow; we neglect that being productive also involves a period of rest or being passive so we can get rid of the burnout and go back more refreshed and alert to pick up where we left off.

I had better correct myself when I said today was an unproductive day. It won’t hurt to accept that I only had a not so productive day.