Image source: PinkiYoga

People come and go in our lives. We learn through our relationships with others and some relationships can be very challenging because they expose to us that which we so dislike about ourselves. Where there’s intense disagreement, repulsion or attraction, there’s always a possibility of a strong karmic connection.

Some friends we meet might feel we have entered their lives for a specific purpose – to teach them something. Early in the relationship they are not usually aware what we could possibly contribute to their earthly or spiritual learning, though they are intuitively certain about it.

One old friend had told me that he felt I was like a teacher to him. I was happy sharing what I know and I thought my role had ended with simply sharing my knowledge. Fate would prove me wrong as I had yet to give him one of the biggest and humbling lessons of his life. I sided with the truth as my conscience had dictated and exposed the lies he unscrupulously fabricated. I didn’t choose the easy way of covering up his lies while two women suffered broken hearts. To him I was the devil’s advocate; in his sick mind, he smeared my hands filthy, thus denying that it was his filthier hands which precipitated the whole mess he found himself in.

And so that was how the friendship of the teacher and the student ended – by pride and denial – at least in this lifetime. Our lessons may change in the future but I will always be a teacher to him no matter how many lifetimes we may again meet.