I am subscribed to JobsDB.com‘s ‘new Spanish jobs’ e-mail notifications. Today I saw an ad posted by an agency called 7107 Islands Placement & Promotions, Inc. for a Spanish Translator job post in Venezuela. I had worked for Hispanic projects or basically projects that required the use of speaking and writing in Spanish for 9 years, 5 of those spent working for an overseas company. Reading about this particular overseas job post made me reflect on my Ninth House Taurus:
“A person with a ninth house is affectionately disposed toward travel, foreigners, foreign countries and products of foreign countries. Taurus in this ninth house makes the educations and travel enjoyable for the native. The native feels relaxed and at ease while far away from home. Although the native likes to stay near to his home, he enjoys travelling and exploring other lands and cultures. A ninth house Taurus suggests benefits through travel either in business or pleasure.”  (Source: Astrobix)
Image source: HD Wallpapers Wide
Just to clarify, my birth chart was very complicated for my untrained brain to analyze and I didn’t even know about the houses in the zodiac about a decade ago. So when I quoted from Astrobix about my Ninth House Taurus I am solely affirming this ongoing predisposition toward foreign countries and not the other way around.
Even though I find working in foreign countries attractive (depending on which country), nowadays I am feeling the strong pull of staying home. It’s not only the remuneration package I’d have to think about, other factors regarding living abroad weigh in – the culture, the language and the food against my temperament and capability to adapt to a new environment.
I still love the idea of traveling, though the idea of doing this at least once a year appeals more to me than being bound by a two-year employment contract overseas.