Image source: Apowl.com

We don’t always understand how the mind of a cheater works and why cheaters can be so blind and insensitive. If you have really hurt someone because you had emotionally abused them, you will eventually be treated to a humbling outcome. All feel-good cheating escapades never last.

Cheaters often forget the Golden Rule – Do not do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you. To phrase it another way – We reap what we sow. They forget because they are selfish, their pride and ginormous ego so damaged by being exposed.

Men who are cheaters know what’s coming to them but are still careless to tell the same lies to their partners thinking they could get away with it. Then when the aggrieved party reveals the truth once and for all to the most clueless woman in the love triangle, their perfected defense mechanism of projection puts them into impervious mode resulting in their twisted thinking of pointing the finger not on themselves but on the person reflecting back to them their ugly mistake.

In their hate for the aggrieved party for stabbing them in the back, the guilty hater calls the alleged backstabber fake or nasty and burns their bridges.