Three days ago my niece celebrated her 4th birthday and since she’s the only little princess we have in the family for now, her grandparents and parents had to bend over backwards to make her birthday as special as she is. Well, it’s always been like that for the past 4 years.

For the past few weeks I’ve been watching her closely and every time I do I try to memorize the details of her small face and her innocent big round eyes in my mind’s eye. Time flies so fast and she grows she would not look the same anymore. Before time cheats appearance before my very eyes, I would like to remember that innocence.

We all go through that process of growing up and letting go. I’ve felt with some cousins that as they grew older they became less and less adorable that I sometimes wish they were back to being babies. Funny and illogical but true.

My niece, as a February-born kid, seems free-spirited and this quality will be even more pronounced someday. She’ll have her own set of friends and learn to think and decide for her own. Only in pictures and videos will we then be able to relive her younger years.