These days I rarely get a dream recall right after waking up. It doesn’t have to be a perfect recall but at least an understandable chunk of it. It was a pleasant surprise when I remembered my dream today.

I was back at the university taking some nonsense subjects. Nonsense and inconsequential as I did not understand why I was taking those classes as if I was in my fifth year. I only spent four years in the university for a bachelor of science degree in Psychology and did not ever want to go back to school. When I wake up from a dream about being back in school, I know it’s a signal that I’m anxious about something.

I was neurotic and had tension-filled school years. I interpreted my whole schooling experience as largely about measuring up and high expectations. Because of that I studied hard yet the nerves remained and it wasn’t something I knew how to handle. Yes, I did have fun, but I knew sacrifices had to be made.

My dreams about school have a recurring theme. At first I would be aware that I was back in school yet I would also feel uneasy and so out of place. In a school dream, I would usually see myself taking classes and doing projects as if I had never finished school ever and that when I wake up I would still be a graduating student – that feeling of “almost there but not quite”.

There’s always that retroactive element. Gradually I would be aware within the dream that I was only dreaming of having not finished school and feel cheated by a system pulling the wool over my eyes. As soon as that realization hits, the dream dissolves and I wake up thanking the heavens it was only a dream after all.

Image Source: ZenGardner