It’s been a few months that I have noticed a pattern with my mother’s opinionated responses not only to the latest news on tv but to some common general information as well.

Image source: Laveldanaylor

Two things become even more obvious to me. First, my mother often responds in a vague manner. Even when she is not sure about the answer, she makes a conjecture to make it appear like her opinion is somehow closer to the truth.

My mom’s not really bright, academically she wasn’t the type who excelled but she has better people skills than I do. She was more of a homebody than I am. When I was still small and doing school assignments at home, I would not be satisfied with some of her answers every time I consulted her. Yes, even when I was younger and knew less, I was instinctively intelligent and knew which answers I felt to be right and which aren’t. Her vague replies worked to my advantage because it forced me to research on my own and read more books.

Second, I had noticed I had in fact learned to subconsciously adopt her speculative-laden response pattern. It was my interactions with chatty friends that defined this realization for me. Out of 10 spoken straight sentences from them, I could only utter an uh-huh, a nod or a 10-word paraphrase which could be categorized, again, under baseless speculation or presumption.

The communication pattern of people close to us has a subliminal effect on how we relate to others outside of our familial environment. It is our role to thresh out truths from untruths and break those insidious upbringing patterns.