Image source: PsychicWilliamConstantine

How do you write about something abstract? How do you express in writing the intangible realities? For 19 years I’ve been struggling to describe how intuition, faith and coincidences have all played out in my life. This month is no different as I’ve realized once again the profound reality of how the head can distort the heart’s singular voice in so many ways.

I was mostly a doubter than a believer. I enjoyed using my left brain too much as I devoured information from books and any reading interesting reading material I could get my hands on. But the universe follows a yin-yang principle and I am no exception in this learning of striking a balance between the heart and the head. Spending more time with my books made me more cerebral than convivial.

Still I was adamant to seeing a proof first before believing. Coincidences have led me to circumstances whereby my perseverance had been rigidly tested by whether or not I followed my intuition. I’ve come to realize that even though I’ve been shown brief glimpses of what’s to come, the veil of secrecy is soon lifted as quickly as it had been lowered. I guess this  is the rule of set and forget – by intuition we glimpse, we know and then we forget for some time so we can focus back on the present.