Currently I have 1,944 unopened e-mails on my Gmail inbox. 60% of those are affiliate marketing tips subscriptions, the rest are myLot new discussion notifications, Astrology updates on planet transits and offers, healthy living tips and related products, social network notifications and online moneymaking groups.

My mentality has always been “don’t delete, you might need the information contained in an e-mail later”. Although I am pretty sure the 60% can be reduced to half if I just take my sweet time to do a periodic general cleaning of my inbox. That never really happens because as a Life Path number 7, my mind flies from one idea to another quickly and I feel compelled to write when I get an inspiring idea and get distracted from inbox cleaning.

When I find an interesting article about tips on affiliate marketing, I don’t hesitate to click the subscribe button. My inbox is littered with subscriptions about affiliate marketing tips and I don’t get to read all of them. I simply browse and scroll down. If I see a catchy title I would click through.

Two days ago I stumbled upon an offer with an eye-catching yet misleading subject: Support Ticket [#GPT-3824]. I disliked how deceiving this was. Anyone getting something like that in their inbox would be tricked to think they have pending support tickets in a certain company.

photo (16)

So far that’s the odd one I could recall being used for a current e-mail newsletter subscription title. What about you? Have you encountered unconventional and misleading titles being used in disguise to catch your attention enough to be able to click through the offer link in the message?

I might just do that general inbox cleaning now.