Blogging with WordPress used to be a far-fetched idea to me. I was comfortable with Blogger (and still am) and I had wondered then what set it apart from other blogs but was held back by the impression that blogging with WordPress was more thorough and specific.

What we are not familiar it, we always find reasons to get intimidated by it. As an oDesker one of my sister’s tasks given to her by her employer is to work with WordPress e-commerce blogs. I thought if she had learned it, why couldn’t I?

It was December 2012 when I found a reason to create a WordPress blog. I signed up for an article writing site and found WordPress to be a good blogging site for republishing my articles. After a month I learned of another writing site from an online friend and republished those articles here.

It’s flattering to get 3 or 4 Like or Follow notifications for two consecutive days here. These kinds of notifications weren’t something I’d get from Blogger. The only type of e-mail notifications I would get from Blogger are of comments made on my Blogger posts.

In my opinion the Dashboard in Blogger is much easier to navigate. The difficulty I found in WordPress is arranging the uploaded photos and locating them specifically in which part of the post. Also, I only have a free WordPress account so part of my difficulty may have something to do with it. I have no pressing need to upgrade for now though.

Three months’ republishing and I’m liking it here so far. I would recommend WordPress yet Blogger has its own merits, too.