I signed up for a site under a random stranger who promoted a link about an online program. We exchanged e-mails because I was interested in more details about the program. He said he was earning around $2-$10 a day so I got curious.

He provided the first step and said that the second step would be provided once I completed the first step. I only have access to a laptop starting 7pm and the site doesn’t load completely when I view it on a smartphone during the day. It took me a few days to complete the second step which could have easily been accomplished in a day.

However I encountered a problem completing the second step. I told him I would not continue with the program anymore and that the points I supposedly earned on the first step got claimed for something that got deleted anyway. He volunteered to take a look at my account if I could provide my username and password.


Seriously? How difficult can troubleshooting be when there’s the option to do the screenshots to show him what the problem is. This wasn’t my first time to encounter a situation where I would be asked for my username and password so they could check into my account for troubleshooting.

Whatever reliable-sounding department name they are from, I just don’t feel good about anyone logging into my account to try to “fix” something.