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Yesterday we had a new addition to the family – my cousin who used to live with us gave birth to an adorable baby boy at midnight. It’s interesting how my cousin had bugged me for the name of the baby for four months but I had only come up with it two days ago, right when we got wind of the message that she was already taken to the hospital.

Because letters in a name correspond to a specific vibration or energy as stated in the teachings of Pythagorean Numerology and Kabbalah, I am not one to suggest a name just because it is popular. Another good book on practical esoteric sciences, Seven Hermetic Letters by Dr. Georg Lomer also did not underestimate the role of picking a name for a newborn. Dr. Lomer wrote it is important to consider picking a name that helps fulfill the requirement of having all the 5 vowels present in a full name.

In some Western countries, a middle name can be a supplementary name to the first name. However, it’s a different case in the Philippines – by default we assume the mother’s maiden name as our middle name. Having already accounted for the three vowels from the maiden name and last name, I had told my cousin she only needs to pick a name that has the letter I and U in it.

I had slept late, around 2 a.m., two days ago when I decided to search for a list of first names under I and U. None under U felt intuitively right but the I included Immanuel in the list, a variation of Emmanuel (“God is with us”), and for some strange reason it felt suitable and it did fit the bill.

It was a coincidence to know the day after, the day my cousin finally gave birth, that the birth date when added together resulted in one digit, 7, which meant the newborn’s Life Path number is 7. 7 has always been considered to be a spiritual and thus a very intuitive number. I should know, I am living a Life Path 7 myself.

All the events leading up to picking the final name at the eleventh hour made me realize that Immanuel was hardly a random choice at all. Maybe the new soul wanted to be named exactly that.


Dazzling Mermaid Online Game


I broke out into laughter yesterday afternoon while my 4-year-old niece was playing with a game on Y8 on a laptop. At first I wasn’t sure what she was doing, if she was watching or playing an online game. I was sitting with my back to her while waiting for my friends’ text message to confirm what time they would arrive because there were forms they wanted me to sign.

It was the monotonous flash player sound of the game that caught my attention. I glanced over my shoulder at what she was doing and saw an animation with a green-haired pretty girl. Next to the green-haired girl were color palettes to choose from. I noticed she was clicking on one palette and then pointing the cursor to the eyebrows of the pretty girl.

She always plays those kinds of games online so there was nothing new about it. But when I caught her scrolling down the page, the green-haired pretty girl turned out to be a mermaid. I found out the title of the game was Dazzling Mermaid. That’s when I broke out into laughter and told my niece that I was so amused at the idea that a mermaid was putting on makeup while she’s underwater.

Kids’ games are funny. There’s no limit to what the imagination can come up.




I had experimented with several photo transfer apps from the App Store. Gadgets such as the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad do not enable transferring photos between those devices using the Bluetooth feature alone.




Last year I discovered PhotoBeamer to be the most convenient I’ve used when forwarding a photo from my Camera Roll to my friend’s iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad device. It’s free to download from the App Store. Sometimes when you don’t want to sync or e-mail or share a Photo Stream for just one single photo, all you need to do is make sure your friend also has PhotoBeamer downloaded.




Now that the device you wish to quickly transfer your photos to already has PhotoBeamer installed, you both need to tap “Connect” within the app and make sure Bluetooth is activated so the connection between wireless Apple devices can be enabled. You’ll be asked to select a photo from Camera Roll and just tap “Beam” to beam a photo to another device.

It’s ideal to use for single photo beaming only.

My indefatigable curiosity can sometimes be as ruthless as I will my mouse clicks, or in my case, touch clicks, to be. I was browsing the News Feed on Facebook and first stumbled upon My Modern Met’s update on a beautiful public display of symmetrical plastic roses in Zweibrücken, Germany (


Because it reminded me of how the Rosicrucian Order was founded by a German who came to be known under a symbolic name, Christian Rosenkreutz (Christ + Rose Cross – go figure), I had tagged a few friends of mine and eventually came to a Google search result on a book by Rudolf Steiner titled, The Mission of Christian Rosenkreutz.


Image credit: The Mission of Christian Rosenkreutz

I have one of Steiner’s books literally gathering dust on top of a closet. I could not find the motivation to finish browsing Esoteric Christianity, much less start a decent reading from the first few pages. Since it was from a series of public lectures by Steiner, I guess it’s that format that puts me off. Either that or treatises on theosophy may be too coarse for my brain to digest. There’s a difference between being able to intuitively understand abstract concepts first as a Gestalt whole and being able to understand the words and texts so that our own intuitive understanding of the subject may be illuminated.

I downloaded the PDF copy online for The Mission of Christian Rosenkreutz. It’s more or less 70 pages. Wish me luck!


For the story preceding this article, click HERE.

I stayed a fine two years in Malaysia per my work contract requirement. It’s funny and interesting how I was not able to visit most tourist spots any resident expat normally could in a span of two years. Within that period I had gone to the US for a business trip and to Taiwan for a short company trip but ironically had never gone to Batu Caves, Genting, Kota Kinabalu, Langkawi, Melacca or other states within Malaysia.

Throughout my stay there I never forgot that the whole point I was working in Malaysia was to be able to find work in Canada, a stepping stone to fly to another country as I had previously planned when I wished to go to Singapore.

One of my housemates was a French-and-Arabic-speaking Algerian who also did not foresee getting into the same company as he came into Malaysia under a student visa. He encouraged my goal to fly to Canada but I hesitated because I felt not being a skilled worker would hurt my chances to try.

During my last year stay, I would frequently notice billboards displaying Air Asia flight discounts to cities in Australia. Coincidentally I also saw the movie, Australia, that year. However, I could barely get my free schedule to coincide with my friends’. Read: I didn’t like traveling alone. That same year I had reconnected with one of my best friends, Christine, who I had totally forgotten had been working in Sydney since 2007.

Maybe I was fated to visit there instead of flying to Canada. I hardly had any problems nor delays in applying for a tourist visa to Australia and had spent 7 weeks observing and trying to immerse myself in their way of life.

Looking back, I don’t think being put in Singapore would have given me the same string of profitable opportunities in work and travel. Things would have run an entirely different course. As the lyrics of John Lennon’s Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) says, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”


I had read a good post by Heatherperk few days ago wherein she points out some of the unforeseen timing of events in her life. It reminded me of my own experience in the past regarding job hunting which also involved a great deal of traveling.

I remember 2007 to be a year when I applied for a few overseas job vacancies. My co-worker in the Spanish team and friend, Winnie, one day handed me a cut-out newspaper ad for a Spanish Help Desk vacancy for DHL Malaysia. I sent the agency my resumé but decided not to push through with the interview. Like my other co-worker from the same team, Laurice, I was more keen on finding opportunities in Singapore as a possible stepping stone to applying for a Canadian immigrant visa. Unfortunately my application for the Singapore Eligibility Pass Employment Certificate was declined by the Ministry of Manpower.

When the same agency had an opening for an overseas post in Alberta, Canada, I seized the opportunity to apply. Applicants were trimmed down to 15 for the final interview but they would only pick 3. I did make it to the final interview but did not make it to the top 3 cut. Around the same time I had applied, my two friends, Winnie and Louise, had already been accepted for the DHL Malaysia post.

I certainly did not foresee what would happen by August. I used to be seated in a cubicle next to a colleague named Tess who at the time recently gave birth to her first baby. She told me she had found an overseas work opportunity in Malaysia requiring Spanish communication skills on She was already screened but sad that she couldn’t leave the country because of her child. She suggested I contact the same company to submit my application. Surprisingly I passed the exam and before I knew it my working visa documents had been taken care of.

Who would have thought that I would land a job in the same country as my friends Winnie and Louise had albeit in a different company? I certainly did not expect that. But, yes, I did visit Singapore twice to visit my friends Laurice, Cathy, Buen and Eloisa during my two-year contract in Malaysia since these are neighboring countries.


***Also check out Unforeseen Timing: Canada or Australia

I love Fridays these past few months because of Glee and American Idol.

Glee’s episode today was about Guilty Pleasures. I like most of the song covers by far and ironically the episode title reminded me a lot of how the show has been kind of a guilty pleasure also for me. One of my friends was amused that I still watch Glee at my age but sort of took back what he said by saying it probably means that I like musicals and that I am good-natured. Whatever. What I missed though in today’s episode is Mr. Schu.

American Idol is now down to 8 finalists after the Lennon & McCartney songbook performances. America said good-bye to jolly Paul Jolley and the judges did not use their one save for the season. And rightfully so. I think he should be on Glee. Paging Ryan Murphy! I like Lazaro Arbos but many who saw how he performed “In My Life” the night before would expect him to be in the bottom 3. Surprisingly Lazaro was uber safe. Devin Velez and Amber Holcomb did not get enough votes to evade being in the bottom 3. Among the top 10, no girl has been eliminated so far.

Everyone in the house was glued to the screen when Filipino pride American Idol runner up Jessica Sanchez performed her single, Tonight, from her album with Ne-Yo. It’s amazing how she got a handful of endorsements here in the Philippines within a short time since Season 11 ended. On the other hand it’s not surprising because many of the Philippines’ big honchos do want to cash in on an international star like her.

Jessica also announced she will soon be seen on Glee. Can’t wait!

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I usually crave for a hot chocolate drink at least an hour after having brunch. So yesterday I decided to check out if any of the shops I frequent for a cup of hot chocolate was open. Dejectedly I gave up my hot drink because two shops that sell coffee through a coffee vending machine did not have any dispenser available due to cleaning and maintenance. Instead I decided to go to a grocery shop for a cold drink alternative and bought an orange on the way from a fruit vendor.

After checking out the refreshment lane and taking two sachets of iced tea with raspberry and calamansi flavors, I walked to the chocolates lane on a whim thinking what I could bring home to my niece. It was the Ricoa Curly Tops package that caught my attention.

I prefer dark chocolates but Ricoa’s brown chocolate cups undeniably still has that classic chocolate goodness throughout the years which I don’t mind at all despite my aversion for most milk chocolates. I remember sharing good times with friends with Curly Tops when I was small up to my high school and college years.

It’s a good idea they changed up the chocolate wrappers to a newer glossy one. The last time they had wrappers in orange stripes.

As expected my niece had more than her fair share of the Curly Tops chocolates.

Good Riddance

Image source: Assets Sbnation

Image source:

Good riddance. Ever got that feeling when you secretly wish someone who communicates with you on and off would read between the lines and figure out for themselves that you find them flaky? It certainly feels like a thorn off your chest when they eventually stop talking to you and yet you find yourself running all the probabilities in your head how they figured you out.

There are times when differing personal values, principles and life philosophies put a strain in our communication with others. We naturally have closer associations with people whom we share a lot of similar interests with or are more or less on the same wavelength as ours. People who ignore that fact are sometimes in denial over the real issue of one-sided affinity for the friendship. That’s when I would start to feel I had to break it to them nicely that I don’t want to hang out with them nor communicate with them anymore.

However, in some cases I don’t really want to burn bridges with anyone, rather I simply want less communication or input from them.

Overweight Ratio


Image source: Toonpool

I was queuing to get inside the movie theatre to watch Oz The Great and Powerful when a big woman blocked my view of the cinema entrance. She couldn’t have been in her twenties, she resembled a high school teenager but she was the big-boned type. What I saw suddenly reminded me of one of the first few observations I had during my time in Oz last year.

The day I arrived in Darwin I couldn’t help but notice while exploring the small city that there were more women who were overweight than men. I observed this marked ratio more during my long walks there.

I still observed the same ratio be it in the bustling Sydney Central Business District or laid-back Perth. It was interesting yet confounding. I guess it made me curious because this kind of overweight ratio between men and women is not something I was used to seeing where I came from.


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