I was going through my GMail inbox last night, deleting unnecessary new mails, when an Astrology.com Specials free sample preview offer caught my attention because of the foreign-sounding name of the report: BaZi: The Four Wisdoms of Life. I don’t always click through all free reports but BaZi sounded new to my ears. Free sample preview reports in Astrology.com sometimes have 2 or 3 excerpts of the full paid report. Here’s the (affirmation) that I  got:


“If things come too easily for you, your tendency is to become lazy and self-indulgent, so having to make your own way is actually a better path to take. It makes you stronger. Some people do better working against the grain and actually benefit from the opposition and clarity it can bring, while others thrive on cooperation and support from those around them. You are the first type and do better when opposed or challenged.”

By the fourth quarter of 2012, I was feeling a little bit belligerent because of the doldrums caused by living from paycheck to paycheck. I had resigned from a secure high-paying job I’ve gotten complacently tied to for almost 5 years. There was nothing new to work on anymore and I hated being tied to work most of the time even when I was on a vacation leave. The downside of routine is it makes you complacent and on the other hand, I felt I was going in circles despite the lucrative bonuses I had benefited from the previous company. Despite the difficulty I am experiencing, I am happier starting from scratch and having my independence.

“When it comes to learning and education, you tend to fall into the self-educated category, meaning you would probably rather learn on the job by hands on experience than go to school and study books. You learn by doing and prefer that.”

I hated regular school and I did have recurring dreams about going to school which were mostly indicative of unfinished business (http://www.bubblews.com/news/214991-recurring-dreams-about-school). I like and appreciate my solitude and I’m usually self-sufficient when it comes to finding resources for learning. I was self-taught in Spanish mainly from Spanish books lent to me by friends and by some twist of fate, I landed in a project on Spanish thermoplastic research by accident. Two weeks after being hired for a telemarketing position, I got transferred to that project unrelated to the position I applied for but something which greatly helped me practice the Spanish I had only learned from books into one-on-one outbound Spanish conversations.


“Your approach to life in general, and to solving problems in particular, is from a “Yin” standpoint; this means you work with existing problems as they are, manipulating them “as is” rather than trying to alter them-you do not challenge them head-on. To use a martial art analogy, you prefer Aikido to Judo; meaning, your skill lies in working with existing situations passively rather than actively confronting them. Here, the use of the word passive does not mean lying down when problems arise, but rather refers to your method of facilitating and working through a situation (while not making it worse) by redirecting energy in motion rather than getting in its way and opposing it.”

This is why I find some people who are so aggressive and use brute force to get what they want are abrasive. This is also why I don’t do well in a pressured environment where I am being rushed to make a decision. In a sense I try to approach or resolve conflicts in a diplomatic way.

I did a bit of research on BaZi Astrology and Joey Yap succinctly defines it in his website: http://www.joeyyap.com/astrology/bazibasics.asp:

“BaZi translates our birth data – Year , Month , Day  and Hour  of birth into four pairs of distinct Chinese Characters (called Jia Zi ). Four pairs make Eight Characters (or BaZi). Each pair is also known as a pillar, hence the term Four Pillars. The eight characters are made up of the yin and yang variations of the Five Elements . By analyzing the structure, compatibility, clashes, combinations and inter-relations of these eight characters, we can learn much about our nature and our life path.”

It’s a good thing this BaZi Astrology.com Specials made me reflect on that which I already know of myself. If you would fancy a sample preview of yours, you can check it out here: http://goo.gl/DqIdE.

*BaZi Astrology report was interpreted by Michael Erlewine with Program Copyright 1985-2013 Matrix Software.