In the middle of concentrating on Temple Run 2 and manipulating my player to circumvent dilapidated roads and get more gold coins, my mind was also internalizing a realization about the practice of investing in general and the means to get around it. Yes, you read it right, Temple Run 2 brought me several insights on the subject of saving and accumulating patterns.

In Temple Run 2 you can unlock 3 more players with the following coin denominations: 10,000, 15,000 and 25,000. Yesterday morning I was able to unlock Barry Jones for 15,000 and I was even more motivated to unlock the last player, Karma Lee, for 25,000.

While ruminating on how I was going to accomplish that goal, I realized there were two ways to go about it. First, I could use the booster or power-ups. I wondered if it was a good strategy to purchase the booster or power-ups which would guarantee me more coins but in order to use them I would have to spend more coins. Was I assured of getting back the coins I purchased the boosters for? Most of the time when the game is over I ended up with lesser coins.


Second, I could go the safest route, which was to avoid purchasing any power-ups so I could see my coins accumulate. I observed this was less frustrating every time the game is over yet it does take a bit of patience to see the numbers go up. Would I mind the time taken to reach it? I stopped having doubts when I finally reached 25,199 coins within 2 hours.


All this made me reflect on my current strategy when it comes to the several small online investments I made. I know of an online acquaintance on Facebook who is so good at maximizing his online earnings. He doesn’t have a job and all he does is update his blog, do withdrawals and compound some of his investments in online passive income sites.

Probably the major setback is my recalcitrant mentality when it comes to online passive income. Just like the second point I made above when it came to unlocking the last Temple Run 2 player, I am a bit behind when it comes to actively promoting my passive income sites. That same strategy probably worked best in the game but applying it on online passive income sites left me a tad discontented with my accomplishments so far. It was like being in a jungle surrounded by fierce animals – a turtle will almost always feel out of place being outrun by lions and cheetahs.

I am not going to make this discussion even longer by making an excuse about how slow and steady wins the race. At this point I strongly feel it doesn’t apply.