Recently I’ve been relishing moments of discovery the clues of which sprung from intuition and coincidences. I would not be the first one to say that we still may be psychically sensitive to those whom we were close at some point in our lives. I know we get a thousand impressions or vibrations in a day from other people but constantly observing my intuition and other coincidences that come up has gradually pruned me to be sharp and keen. I don’t mean that in a perfect sharp kind of way, my point of comparison is always my past self and I could say over time I have learned to doubt my intuition less.

My ex-boyfriend from 8 years ago and I chat sporadically and the last time we chatted about each other’s love lives was back in June and then September 2012. He had asked me back in June if I had felt any vibe from him. I told him yes, but it was back in May. I was walking with friends when I felt that something not so good was up with him although I had no idea what it was. My initial thought was to check his Facebook profile to see what was up. We’re not friends on Facebook but I could view some of his updates on there. I found out that his Engaged relationship status was reduced to Single and his girlfriend at the time commented to a friend that they broke up. The chat in June confirmed my hunch in the first place – it was his commitment issues that got in the way. He confessed that there were other factors that precipitated breaking off the engagement with her and it involved him developing feelings for his girlfriend’s friend whom he found more attractive. Ouch.

Having known what he is like personality-wise, I was surprised to get a vibe from him two days ago. Basically what I felt was some girl with a letter C in her name somehow is connected to him. I kept feeling the same letter that day along with his energy. His vibe also felt to me like he wanted to update me with something. Last night before I went to bed, I got this sudden impulse to check Facebook on my phone because it occurred to me that he just might have found a new girl and may be moving on from the painful breakup last year.

And so it was that my hunch was right. Sure enough his recent update of March 6th said “went from being Single to In A Relationship”. I was smiling and then laughed at my partially correct guess. Well I still haven’t confirmed the name of the girl.

I wondered why he was giving off that vibe like he wanted to speak to me about it. My guess is that even though he is currently happy for having found someone, he still may feel a bit guilty for breaking off the engagement with the ex-girlfriend.

Relationships are so complicated. Oh well. I’m sure he will want to talk when it’s time.