I did not expect to get a message on Skype from an old client in my previous job. I had not used Skype for several months and to be asked about a software issue caught me by surprise.

I worked in an overseas biometrics company for almost 5 years and I remember handling this potential customer last year. You probably are familiar with customers who is so persistent when it comes to asking too many specific technical questions, leaving you with an impression that they’d buy and can afford it but not without haggling for the price of 2 machines for the initial purchase. He is in that category of the kind of customer.

So you can imagine my surprise when he’d randomly messaged me, giving me that false impression again that he was gonna purchase. I remember my former colleague who took over his case did say she had to revise a proforma invoice not once but thrice.

I courteously told him I don’t work for the company anymore and he has been aware before of the contact e-mail for technical queries. He further told me he was starting out a company selling products from a competitor. I understand he probably wants to diversify the brands of products he could sell but asking me why the product prices of my previous company is too high is preposterous.

I didn’t comment and cut the conversation short. It was déjà vu all over again.