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The blue sky this morning was invigorating and discourages one from being lethargic despite the hectic Friday. Most office workers would rejoice the working week has ended. Not too much for me. When one realizes they earn more money on weekdays only, one begins to dread the end of the work week. It’s a 360-degree turn for freelancers.

It is true that time is a duration of our consciousness. A minor change in our routine desensitizes us. Having gone out of the corporate world and into the seemingly reclusive work from home life, the anticipation for the weekdays to end has dulled. I honestly only anticipate Fridays at 4pm when a new Glee episode starts. Seriously. My consciousness has changed as a result of a change in environment or lifestyle. In the case of monks who have lived their entire lives close to the mountains, their perception of time is entirely different from those who have already thrived in the hustle and bustle of the city.

If we choose not to be bound by a 24-hour rotation of the earth, I believe we would feel more accomplished.