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I like the fact that dreams are incomprehensible sometimes when you interpret them piece by piece yet I also am fascinated by it because it shows me how my thought flow, perception and frame of mind works.

The other night I saw an e-mail from the Rosicrucian Order I was a member of and was reminded of the Rosicrucian Kabbalistic New Year Ritual or also dubbed as the Spring Equinox Ritual. I love participating in each Equinox ritual and I had done so for two years. I don’t know if I am ever going to make it this year.

Probably that reference to Kabbalah and reminders to meditate daily have sunk into my subconscious and that was why by the time I fell asleep deep enough to have REM, these elements formed a huge part of my dream.

I only remember the later part of the dream as it was closest to the moment I woke up. I was talking to my friend, Eloisa, and she had given me some kind of stone or a small rock. I don’t remember what for. I remember running to catch up with something – goal or person, it was so vague.

Image source: AmyELandry

There was a massive rock formation and from afar it resembled the letter P. I saw a group of Kabbalist pilgrims who went inside a cave and judging from their backpacks and winter clothes, it seemed to me they were going rock climbing. They were all Jews. I followed them into the cave and discovered the rock formation did not resemble a letter P at all, but rather a skull with specific signboards corresponding to the different parts of the brain. They would traverse inside this skull-like formation in zig-zag formation, just like going up the ladder but in a zig-zag pattern. They were pretty much a solemn group. Each time they approach a signboard, they would chant “OM” repetitively. I don’t remember how many times, but I do know a normal chant is 108 jappa or repetitions.

It probably means that deep down I don’t want to miss out on the Kabbalistic New Year Ritual.