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Good riddance. Ever got that feeling when you secretly wish someone who communicates with you on and off would read between the lines and figure out for themselves that you find them flaky? It certainly feels like a thorn off your chest when they eventually stop talking to you and yet you find yourself running all the probabilities in your head how they figured you out.

There are times when differing personal values, principles and life philosophies put a strain in our communication with others. We naturally have closer associations with people whom we share a lot of similar interests with or are more or less on the same wavelength as ours. People who ignore that fact are sometimes in denial over the real issue of one-sided affinity for the friendship. That’s when I would start to feel I had to break it to them nicely that I don’t want to hang out with them nor communicate with them anymore.

However, in some cases I don’t really want to burn bridges with anyone, rather I simply want less communication or input from them.