I love Fridays these past few months because of Glee and American Idol.

Glee’s episode today was about Guilty Pleasures. I like most of the song covers by far and ironically the episode title reminded me a lot of how the show has been kind of a guilty pleasure also for me. One of my friends was amused that I still watch Glee at my age but sort of took back what he said by saying it probably means that I like musicals and that I am good-natured. Whatever. What I missed though in today’s episode is Mr. Schu.

American Idol is now down to 8 finalists after the Lennon & McCartney songbook performances. America said good-bye to jolly Paul Jolley and the judges did not use their one save for the season. And rightfully so. I think he should be on Glee. Paging Ryan Murphy! I like Lazaro Arbos but many who saw how he performed “In My Life” the night before would expect him to be in the bottom 3. Surprisingly Lazaro was uber safe. Devin Velez and Amber Holcomb did not get enough votes to evade being in the bottom 3. Among the top 10, no girl has been eliminated so far.

Everyone in the house was glued to the screen when Filipino pride American Idol runner up Jessica Sanchez performed her single, Tonight, from her album with Ne-Yo. It’s amazing how she got a handful of endorsements here in the Philippines within a short time since Season 11 ended. On the other hand it’s not surprising because many of the Philippines’ big honchos do want to cash in on an international star like her.

Jessica also announced she will soon be seen on Glee. Can’t wait!