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I usually crave for a hot chocolate drink at least an hour after having brunch. So yesterday I decided to check out if any of the shops I frequent for a cup of hot chocolate was open. Dejectedly I gave up my hot drink because two shops that sell coffee through a coffee vending machine did not have any dispenser available due to cleaning and maintenance. Instead I decided to go to a grocery shop for a cold drink alternative and bought an orange on the way from a fruit vendor.

After checking out the refreshment lane and taking two sachets of iced tea with raspberry and calamansi flavors, I walked to the chocolates lane on a whim thinking what I could bring home to my niece. It was the Ricoa Curly Tops package that caught my attention.

I prefer dark chocolates but Ricoa’s brown chocolate cups undeniably still has that classic chocolate goodness throughout the years which I don’t mind at all despite my aversion for most milk chocolates. I remember sharing good times with friends with Curly Tops when I was small up to my high school and college years.

It’s a good idea they changed up the chocolate wrappers to a newer glossy one. The last time they had wrappers in orange stripes.

As expected my niece had more than her fair share of the Curly Tops chocolates.