For two weeks I’ve been mentioning to my sister and cousin about a Power Point file which was once provided to me by my boss back in 2005 during my first call center stint. I told them that training material contained tips on how to pronounce some of United Kingdom’s towns and cities. I once heard my cousin pronounce a place in the UK incorrectly and I corrected him and cited that Power Point training material. I know very well it was still in my Hotmail account and I was hoping I could still retrieve my account there after over a year or so of dormancy.

Strangely for myself I only ever got the urge to try to open my Hotmail account today. I had to go through the proverbial password resetting and secondary e-mail verification. I did find the Power Point file in less than 5 minutes. I was pleasantly surprised with Hotmail/Live inbox’s new makeover. It’s much more cleaner and much more organized. I had 1,800+ emails 98% of which were notifications from old Friendster, and a high school Yahoo! Group. I didn’t bother sifting through each of them, of course, though I did get a few curious e-mails from two friends. Apparently Hotmail had been sending spam links to most of my Hotmail contacts. I hope the new Outlook has improved spam/junk mail detection just like GMail.


It did feel weird responding to 1-year-old e-mails, even more awkward because I had to apologize for the spam links for which Hotmail was the culprit. However, the new Outlook definitely looks more encouraging to engage in.


**This post was originally published in RedGage, TheEmpress.