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A few days ago my mother asked me the title to an upbeat song that’s been playing intermittently on her favorite noontime show. I answered her, “It’s Treasure by Bruno Mars.” I commented she probably likes the song because it reminds her of the Jackson Five. I bought the track on iTunes back in December 2012 and only heard it being played on local television shows 3 or 4 months after.


Today amidst a potentially busy day I found the time to watch a few videos on YouTube. I looked up Bruno Mars’ Treasure, from his album Unorthodox Jukebox, and excitedly clicked on the video link. Not many tracks of an album make it to the final list of singles to be promoted and business executives do not underestimate track promotion via music videos posted on YouTube.

I was even more entertained after seeing the whole music video. It definitely was a throwback or salute to the Jackson Five era. I feel some Earth, Wind and Fire camaraderie there, too. It’s one of those music videos with a concept very much suited to the song, that is if Treasure had been penned first before the music video was conceptualized, which I presume is the usual chronology of album promotion. Anyone who listened to the song first and seen the video second could consistently feel the Jackson Five tribute. The video is what you would normally come to expect from the song and it isn’t difficult to see that the two, the single and its accompanying video, complement each other. Bruno Mars gives us 70s nostalgia of two Jackson​s​ videos, Rock With You and Blame It On The Boogie​, with the afro hairstyle and the disco hustle. ​

Towards 1:40 of the Treasure music video, Bruno Mars’ and his band mates showcase their moves on a pentacle dance floor. Couldn’t help but notice it. I don’t know if the producers are subconsciously following a trend in infusing so-called Illuminati symbols in music videos. I could list only few for now (Lady Gaga, Katy Perry etc) but check out Ke$ha’s Die Young here to know what I’m talking about.

I’ve had Treasure as one of my pop iTunes treasure for eight months and it still sounds as good as when I first heard it. Check out the entire album, Unorthodox Jukebox, also on iTunes if you wish to preview it. Disclaimer: Album lyrics contain explicit content.


Coffee Float vs Instant Coffee


It seems I’m the only one in the family who would pick up a Nescafe 3-in-1 coffee sachet like its the last thing on earth I would do. I’m exaggerating but that opening statement describes my dislike for any commercialized 3-in-1 coffee. I don’t know how many of those Nescafe 3-in-1 sachets my family consumes every month. 2% of the time I would drink it if my options for getting a hot drink at home was lesser.

Next to powdered flavor fruit drink and soft drinks (another term for soda here), it’s probably the most popular staple drink in the Philippines. I remember when my Canadian ex-boyfriend first came here to the Philippines he was always asking for brewed coffee at some budget inns he stayed in. I wasn’t a fan of instant coffee either but it was irritating hearing his complaints about the not so locally popular brewed coffee day by day.

The ingredients listed at the back of an instant coffee sachet is enough deterrent for me. Instant coffee is too sweet and more than once I swear I could taste some corn-ish stuff in it. I don’t know what ingredient gives it that corn-ish taste for me. However, I have tried the Nescafe 3-in-1 coffee in Malaysia in the same packaging but it had less sugary taste compared to its Philippine version. It’s probably because of Malaysia’s halal dietary laws.

I do love the coffee float at McDonald’s though. They use brewed Arabica coffee topped with soft serve sundae and a bit of chocolate fudge in it. I don’t know what’s worst ingredient-wise – the instant coffee or the coffee float. For me coffee float redeems itself by using brewed Arabica coffee and despite the mix of sundae and chocolate fudge, the taste of Arabica overpowers both. I have tasted hot brewed Arabica coffee by itself but it’s too strong for me it keeps me lucid for more than 12 hours after ingesting it.

Click. View. Sore.

I came across a website yesterday which hosted one of the PTC ad banners above and didn’t leave the site without checking and rechecking the last word, Sore. What does Sore have to do with Clicking and Viewing? Because I was always curious as a cat, I decided to go to the official website of Insanity Clicks to verify if I misread the word. (A few months ago I did read “Dealership Appointment Outcome” as “Disappointment Outcome”.) Okay, I found out there was no typo. I am reading it as Click. View. Sore. like the rest of the population.

I don’t claim to know every word in the dictionary so I did a quick Google search by entering “sore meaning” in the search field.

If that’s what Merriam-Webster says about Sore then I don’t know what Click and View have to with it. Is it supposed to be Soar? You know, like your earnings would soar if you surf more sites enough to reach payout. It’s curious that they stated this in their FAQ page:

Registered users view those advertisements to earn money and work their way up to cash out.

Or is it an acronym of something? Acronym Finder gave me these results:

Small Off-Road Engine

Source of Raw Energy

Special Operations Regional Engagement


You’d be hard-pressed to find anything relevant to clicking, viewing and surfing sites when it comes to any SORE acronyms in the search results.

If it’s a serious typo on Insanity Clicks’ part, they need to change it ASAP. Otherwise, it should be worth mentioning in their FAQ page.

We judge too quickly sometimes.

That is the observation I made upon crossing the street to try to catch a public transportation on the other side. I was at the mall to buy some stuff and when I left the premises, I joined the other pedestrians also waiting for their turn to cross. Other pedestrians had walked ahead the lane but a white automobile stood out on the street like a sore thumb because its driver was speeding like there’s no tomorrow and prompted the second batch of pedestrians to wait. Upon closer look I saw it was a white BMW. I heard the girl beside me telling her boy companion that what they’ve witnessed is one living proof of how the rich can afford to be arrogant even on the streets.

I don’t know the driver of the white BMW, I don’t know why he or she was speeding at the time but it struck me how others can pass on judgment rather too quickly. There could be many reasons why he or she was speeding, that’s why I do not agree with the girl’s statement. My initial thought was he or she was probably in a hurry to catch his or her appointment. I did not ever think that the BMW driver was driving too fast because he or she wanted to show off his or her car. Whatever the reason was, the BMW owner did not violate traffic rules – he or she was coming from the other lane which saw the green light lit up. It just so happened there were lesser cars coming in on our side from that lane.

In group conversations with her friends, the girl’s observation may be harmless and may even spin off a new joke about the great divide between the rich and the poorer class. Still the thoughts that we instantly come up with can later form our behavior and usually they start with seemingly harmless generalizations. We may get too comfortable to form generalizations based on few facts and speculations and then we judge too quickly.

We all know that we can change our thoughts or nip negative ones in the bud – that’s how our subconscious programming develops. We must learn to be mindful of the thoughts we engender.


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