I came across a website yesterday which hosted one of the PTC ad banners above and didn’t leave the site without checking and rechecking the last word, Sore. What does Sore have to do with Clicking and Viewing? Because I was always curious as a cat, I decided to go to the official website of Insanity Clicks to verify if I misread the word. (A few months ago I did read “Dealership Appointment Outcome” as “Disappointment Outcome”.) Okay, I found out there was no typo. I am reading it as Click. View. Sore. like the rest of the population.

I don’t claim to know every word in the dictionary so I did a quick Google search by entering “sore meaning” in the search field.

If that’s what Merriam-Webster says about Sore then I don’t know what Click and View have to with it. Is it supposed to be Soar? You know, like your earnings would soar if you surf more sites enough to reach payout. It’s curious that they stated this in their FAQ page:

Registered users view those advertisements to earn money and work their way up to cash out.

Or is it an acronym of something? Acronym Finder gave me these results:

Small Off-Road Engine

Source of Raw Energy

Special Operations Regional Engagement


You’d be hard-pressed to find anything relevant to clicking, viewing and surfing sites when it comes to any SORE acronyms in the search results.

If it’s a serious typo on Insanity Clicks’ part, they need to change it ASAP. Otherwise, it should be worth mentioning in their FAQ page.