Fri, Dec 10, 2010 at 9:51 AM

Elk:  I am not sure about the meaning of my last dream but I had another one last night. I just remember the last bit as I forgot the rest.

I was at this strange place like a town built on water, lots of ramps and pontoons and I don’t know why or how but there was a race and I went in it. I was really fast and beat everyone so easly running along jumping over water and landing on pontoons till i got to the end, it was knida dark like night time or late afternoon and dark clouds blocking the light. When I got to the end you were there and smiled at me, I walked up to you and I was barely even out of breath. You gave me some compliment about being so fast and I looked behind and the next 3 place getters were females, the men were not to be seen. Then i leaned up against a hand rail and you just walked up and kissed me square on the lips, I was really shocked but you did it so confidently and then walked away and I just woke up. But you were darker than you are now, you had a dark chocolate tan.
Strange huh?