Thu, Dec 9, 2010 at 10:04 AM

Elk:  I dreamt of you last night 🙂

Me:  Really? What was the dream about? 🙂

Elk:  Well in the dream I was in a rain forest and you were with a group of girls but I didn’t speak to you.. It was like we knew each other but had never met before and I did not want to engage the whole group to speak to you. I went on this huge mission climbing and jumping down cliffs with this feeling I was being followed so I was moving faster but I never saw anything. Then I came to a clearing and it was the edge of an island with beautiful clear water like paradise but I wanted to get off the island for some reason, I walked along the beach (coast) and then I met you and you were trying to escape so we walked fast together along the beach… I wanted to run but I know you could not keep up so I had to keep your pace. We then came across some boats but no one was around. We stole one and sailed out to sea then noticed the people had spotted us and taken off after us. They were gaining on us fast, there was no land in sight and I had this feeling we should jump into the water. You were scared but then you trusted me and we jumped in together then there was an explosion and when we surfaced our boat was gone… totally gone no debris, we saw that the boats in pursuit were on fire and sinking and then a huge metal vessel arose from the water near us and I woke up. Could not get back to the dream 😦 I wanted so bad to continue hehehe.