August 25, 2011


Me: Then something about what I said before suddenly flashed before me.
About the key and the knife – the first dream I had about you had those symbols.
I don’t know if you recall what I told you before that you held an invisible key, that it was something I could use to answer some of my life’s questions.

Elk: Yup I remember that, we spoke about that a long time ago 🙂

Me: I don’t know what that invisible key is, but before you can give me that key, I have to help you in some ways.
I had a strong feeling that what I experienced last night – that expansive feeling of freedom – had to do with that key.

Elk: Serious? You have to help me? The plot thickens! I don’t yet know how I need help… But I am sure I can help you

Me: And that when I speak of the key, it is not in the future tense but in the present tense. Meaning right now in the present you are already actually showing the key. Uhm do you understand?
I think you would understand it well if I let you remember what you told me a few days ago, something which struck something familiar to me.

Elk: Yes I do understand
Remind me?

Me: You told me you are awakening me always as you are also awakening yourself.
Do you get the whole picture?

Elk: I’m not sure I am

Me: The thing was I just always thought I was always the one trying to awaken you.

Elk: To me I was thinking maybe you are finally growing to understand that I am happy to be there for you to help you as much as you need. I would make sure you are safe and happy and be great company. So you should feel that around me is like being around someone you have known your whole life 🙂
That’s what I felt is the key but since you see the key perhaps it is something else or something more

Me: I seem to forget that you do know how to awaken me too.

Elk: For me, I see spiritual awakening, you are how I like to be, you are interested in what I am also

Me: Because in those times I had told you my secrets, I always felt freed and something more.

Elk: But for me I probably offer more life (physical) teachings
I have not moved so much into the “magic”
I understand

Me: I don’t know it’s hard to explain but it’s a good feeling, this being freed

Elk: Freeing you is the least I can do, I see more, much greater things I can give you 🙂

Me: And like I said you are already doing your work as the key for me to be able to answer some of the biggest questions and puzzles I have about life

Elk: Letting you free yourself by giving you support, understanding, comfort and care is only the beginning. I have not really started teaching much of what I know.

Me: That key is inside you. 🙂 As has always been said about Light.
I now understand. : -)

Elk: Ultimately I’m just a person who understands or tries to. You are freeing yourself 🙂

Me: I know. 🙂
Double meaning here: The key is in the present.

Elk: Ah! Tricky
That’s what I love about that word, today’s gift : -)

Me: Yes, that’s it. 🙂