Yesterday I participated in a free one-card tarot draw from the beautiful Lisa Frideborg Lloyd. I wrote that I was wondering if he and I would ever cross paths again. I had reason to wonder because I had been alerted by coincidences specifically pointing to him last week. In the past it was not strange for him at all that I could sense him strongly even from afar. For some personal reasons I probably will have to disclose in a future novel (ha ha!), he and I do not talk anymore – for him it was an issue of breach of trust which, ironically, originated from an error in judgment on his part. For me, it was an issue of speaking the truth so the persons directly involved can set themselves free from disillusion. It was the coarse messages my intuition alerted me about him that prompted me to ask Lisa that question.

I had a few guesses of my own as to which card would probably appear to her. I had thought of The Moon and even the Wheel of Fortune. When she had drawn the Justice card with this message,

“Justice is a maybe… but whatever happens with this will be for your highest good. The outcome will be fair and serves to balance any remaining karma.”


Image source: Trusted Tarot

I said to myself, “Why didn’t I think of that?!” After all the issue involved words, truth  and fairness. Despite that, I did not like the manner I had dispensed the truth then, I felt I did not do it smartly. Since then I had never stopped hoping that someday he will internalize the lesson, swallow his pride and eventually stop blaming other people for his own mistakes.

Strange as it may seem to others, he was sort of a prophecy that came to me when I was 14 years old. Sixteen years later, I would meet the person (him) in the prophecy, but I only really “knew” a year later, in 2011. I had no idea then that it was something big and unforgettable as to take a lot of my strength and soul to invest in. I had no idea until 2012 how big of a test was before me. Since 14 years ago, the numbers 29 and 11 have figured largely in the timing and fulfillment of that prophecy. It’s too much of a coincidence that the Justice tarot card is card 11 in the Major Arcana and that in Astrology its equivalent is Libra, which happens to be his Sun sign as well.

Moreover, Justice currently appears in my life under the guise of my friend A. I admire her patience to wait and only tell the concerned people involved regarding the alleged fraudulent activity she recently found out about a group she had just quit serving in. She did not let her emotions rule over her.

Having reflected on the Justice tarot card, I realized it’s better than my two previous card guesses after all. Whichever way this all pans out, having the Justice tarot card appear is a calming reassurance that whatever happens is for the highest good. I hope the wounds can slowly heal. Who knows I might even give a child the middle name, Justice, once the cosmic tips the scales in my favor.