It seems being inconvenienced has been a pattern that stood out for the past two months. Last month it was that flaky guy who asked me to correspond with him and suddenly stops writing after the second e-mail exchange. Talk about rude. I returned the favor by not replying to his presumptuous assumption that he had lured me back to the original site by not replying.  An eye for an eye. This month it’s the freelancer I hired with specific instruction to polish a transcription within 24 hours. Three days running and the job is not yet done, or maybe he had not even started working on it. In hindsight his cover letter was just empty promises of “finishing the job in a lot less than 24 hours”.

I don’t know what astrological planet transit I am in that can explain why these two situations have happened. As sensible a person I try to be at this point, I am already at the end of my rope.  But rather than dwelling on foiled plans and irritating setbacks, a huge part of me would always want to question: What LESSON are these types of situations trying to teach me? What energy am I giving off to the cosmos to attract these?

The first thing that came to mind were issues on knowing what I specifically want and asserting myself. If I don’t have a certain goal down to the specifics I notice I attract a lot of “almost but not quite”. Most often I give up mid-point because I was not aware what part in my original plan I should modify. Another issue that’s more apparent in the scenarios I described in the above paragraphs is my lack of assertiveness which ultimately leads to some form of passive-aggressiveness on my part. Asserting myself doesn’t mean I will always ruffle some feathers. If we assert ourselves, others can feel our sincerity.