Last night a few songs triggered the memory of Elk and coincidentally I’ve also been getting a general vibe from him just a few days ago which specifically points to his gratitude for me for saving him from a situation he doesn’t want to get trapped in. However, it was the babymomma who appeared in my dream last night. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at this chronological order of events.

So the story in the dream went something like this – we rented an apartment her family owned for a short period. It was adjacent to their own house. Since we supposedly recently moved out, we still had some stuff left in the vacated apartment. Apparently I then had to go back for some bags and wallets and had to hitch a ride in a medium delivery truck. Strangely it had a loose rear door hinge and the rear door would open intermittently during the travel. There was a bench inside the truck fit enough for me to lie on so I took a little nap. I woke up shortly before we reached their gate and through my half-sleepy eyes I saw her looking up at me with a serious expression that communicated she recognized who I was, not as the person who had once rented their apartment but rather the person who had played a large role in the 2012 drama. She also had this accusing look that said I probably arrived there to stalk her or watch her every move. I was not guilty of that accusation and I was too groggy to stare back. Once I was in the room looking through my stuff I had somehow secretly wished that she would warm up to me because I am not the enemy. I had thought she might even want to introduce me to their offspring if all was well. I don’t care if it doesn’t happen anyway but it was an interesting thought and a bit too Pollyanna at that.

Inside the apartment there were a few men who were making repairs or renovations. I wished they would just mind their own business but they couldn’t. One of them spoke to me and chatted for a bit. It was her relative, some uncle or whoever. Inwardly I regretted him butting in, I wished I could just go about my own business without being interrogated about who I was because he would then probably casually blab to her who I was. Another part of me said not to care anyway.

I took what I came to get there and soon I was back in the medium truck for the trip back home. Funny because the truck was able to pass through the narrow gateway, like it shrunk to be able to get through. I saw her mom enter their house and I don’t know what was going on in their place but it seemed the people were busy preparing food in the kitchen.

The stare from her was the most interesting thing that took place in the dream. She can think whatever she wants, but being bright has never been one of her strongest attributes.