The Australian Aborigines were quoted innumerable times to hold a belief system that our dreams are as much a part of our reality as the stuff we consciously engage in in the waking world. I even plastered their quote in a header banner I made for my Blogger account on dreams:

When you sleep, you wake up to the real world
When you wake up in the morning, you really sleep
Every time we sleep, we enter the real world.

Well, that’s what today’s events felt like. As in a nocturnal dream, my day was spattered with layers and parallels of personally recognizable clues.

The realization all started with an embarrassing case of mistaken identity in KK this afternoon, a.k.a. Krispy Kreme. (My burgeoning hometown, by the way, has proven on November 16th this year that it could afford to invest in one of the prosperous doughnut franchises in the world. Yay! for CdO consumers.) My cousin and I had just sorted out a fund deposit problem with a telecommunications network (more on this later) and I had the unshakable craving to have coffee with a doughnut. I saw someone sitting outside KK who closely resembled my friend, Cons. She was sharing the table with 2 girl friends and for one fleeting moment I saw her glance at our direction. The clear glass wall made everyone outside pretty much transparent and to my dismay, she didn’t recognize me when she saw me. I told myself it was probably because of my short bob as I had just gotten rid of my long tresses yesterday.

The only feature I felt so uneasy about was the doppelganger’s mole right below the lower lip. Because her principal features were so convincingly strikingly similar to those of Cons – the eyeglasses, the long straight hair, the petite frame to the robust cheeks – I entertained inane rationalizations. Oh, it’s probably not a mole…it’s probably a minor facial wound of some sort. I sent a text message to Cons to be sure. I asked her if she was in KK at the moment. I didn’t see the girl outside pick up her phone and my friend had not replied. Against my better judgment, I went over to the glass wall and knocked on it to catch her attention and I realized my mistake when she gave me a quick blank stare. I also couldn’t help but compare that she has lifeless eyes; Cons’s appear to have more spunk in them. She replied after 5 or 6 minutes and she confirmed she was not in KK. Too late. My cousin and I were laughing at my own faux pas.

On our way home an arbitrary insight hovered in my head that dulled my impatience of the traffic ahead of us. I remember the Justice card drawn for me back in September with regards to Elk. I couldn’t fully rejoice on that “highest good” promised in that card. I’ve read before how the Justice card can have unpleasant and dragging repercussions because the truth does make one miserable at first before it can set us free. Not surprisingly this theme about Justice was present in one aspect in a composite chart I generated for Elk and I. I couldn’t forget how Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise also had that one aspect in their composite chart which later on manifested itself in divorce and custody battles. Relationships unexpectedly hitting rock bottom just like ours did get my ugly Martian qualities all worked up.

I can’t seem to pinpoint why it made me even nervous that the Hierophant also appeared before in a few tarot readings about Elk. I learned my lesson to each examine the Justice and the Hierophant cards separately because it was easy to be deceived by the similarities of the two cards at first glance. This combination ought to be positive, at least for me, but I don’t know why I still get a bad vibe about it. 

I know I did the right thing by attempting to send a text message to my friend first and it’s funny to think that I could not even wait 5 or 10 more minutes to at least confirm it with her. Appearances can be deceiving. Ironically, that issue with the fund deposit had apparently been resolved on November 30th. If I had only remembered to send a text message to inquire on the balance then we wouldn’t have bothered to go there in the first place, even though it was back in December 1st when we first attempted a follow up because a mere balance inquiry verified no funds came in that day. Strange.

On another note, I realized why I kept referring to Krispy Kreme as KK. KK contains Elk’s and the babymama’s initials. Sometimes coincidences like these make me feel like whatever path each of us take on, my (bad) memory will forever be karmically linked with theirs.

The irony is not lost on me, Cosmic.