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I took this image of a ceiling earlier at a local department store, Ororama. It sparked a few free associations from the past.

I once guessed someone’s e-mail account password from their favourite colour, which was of course orange. It was a spot on guess and although the person figured their account was compromised and changed their account password, I could still log in to another chat account that used the same password. I’m not a professional hacker, it only took little guesswork.

Orange had figured a lot in my pre-planned Australian trip in 2012. Someone from there referred to me as pumpkin a few times. Plus a lot of my documents for the trip predominantly were in orange, a few of which I remember are my Australian tourist visa sticker and my JetStar plane tickets.


K 29 11

Epiphanies are one-offs. They come swiftly and don’t even need to be analysed extensively. But being a 7, I tend to break that rule.

I had no doubt a few years ago that the altered-state-of-consciousness-triggered mystical event I experienced back in 1994 was related to K. Last night, though, I had a flash of insight that the event in 1994 indeed found a lot of parallels with what happened to me from 2010-2012 and I thought that maybe, ultimately, the latter will remain a puzzle for a long time (if not forever).

Rat Round and Round

Sometime in 2012 I had a dream about finding a rat within the confines of a wall clock and it eventually fell from its round confines.

Today something similar caught my attention. This morning when my brother-in-law was cleaning their air conditioner, he announced to everyone in the household that he found a small rat inside the air conditioner’s round rotating machine (I don’t know what it’s technically called.) I wouldn’t have thought back to the dream in 2012 were it not for the urgency to be called to come get a closer look at the seemingly fragile animal. So I did see the rat curled up and when I got back to my desk the dream in 2012 suddenly came to mind. My mom exclaimed it was still alive but it seemed shaken up probably from all that traumatic eternal rotations. Poor thing.

What’s with a rat and a round object? I still wonder at this coincidence.

The Last Kiss


I’m often mindful of a string of coincidences but today one set of consecutive stimuli stood out. I was streaming music some time this afternoon and came across a favorite song by Lana del Rey called Summertime Sadness. The song starts with “Kiss me hard before you go” and I honestly had ignored the word “hard” the first time I heard it that I had innocently been humming to the song without knowing the full lyrics. Don’t all our musical experiences start with humming? I even thought it was “Kiss me once before you go”.

I later found out the word that I (probably may have subconsciously) missed out from a random YouTube comment on the song’s music video. I did not reflect on it after that.

There are days when some stimuli just pass by our consciousness but on some days it seems to bring a unique or special message that’s not entirely foreign to us despite the strange convergence of coincidences. I felt like having that kind of experience today when I was once again brought to focus on the first line of the song but it felt strange that it was beckoning to something else. It struck me how my last 2 relationships both ended with one last kiss. A few seconds I then stumble upon a Kylie Minogue song called “Kiss Me Once” and it reinforced the memory of the endings of both relationships even more.

My lips curved into a smile in amusement.

With one last kiss I never saw them again.


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