I’m often mindful of a string of coincidences but today one set of consecutive stimuli stood out. I was streaming music some time this afternoon and came across a favorite song by Lana del Rey called Summertime Sadness. The song starts with “Kiss me hard before you go” and I honestly had ignored the word “hard” the first time I heard it that I had innocently been humming to the song without knowing the full lyrics. Don’t all our musical experiences start with humming? I even thought it was “Kiss me once before you go”.

I later found out the word that I (probably may have subconsciously) missed out from a random YouTube comment on the song’s music video. I did not reflect on it after that.

There are days when some stimuli just pass by our consciousness but on some days it seems to bring a unique or special message that’s not entirely foreign to us despite the strange convergence of coincidences. I felt like having that kind of experience today when I was once again brought to focus on the first line of the song but it felt strange that it was beckoning to something else. It struck me how my last 2 relationships both ended with one last kiss. A few seconds I then stumble upon a Kylie Minogue song called “Kiss Me Once” and it reinforced the memory of the endings of both relationships even more.

My lips curved into a smile in amusement.

With one last kiss I never saw them again.