Sometime in 2012 I had a dream about finding a rat within the confines of a wall clock and it eventually fell from its round confines.

Today something similar caught my attention. This morning when my brother-in-law was cleaning their air conditioner, he announced to everyone in the household that he found a small rat inside the air conditioner’s round rotating machine (I don’t know what it’s technically called.) I wouldn’t have thought back to the dream in 2012 were it not for the urgency to be called to come get a closer look at the seemingly fragile animal. So I did see the rat curled up and when I got back to my desk the dream in 2012 suddenly came to mind. My mom exclaimed it was still alive but it seemed shaken up probably from all that traumatic eternal rotations. Poor thing.

What’s with a rat and a round object? I still wonder at this coincidence.