I just turned 35 yesterday and I hear the proverbial questions and suggestions about getting married. I find it funny that’s all the people around me could ask about. It betrays a common societal perception that procreation and matrimony is almost always a requirement for a woman with increasing age. I find this pathetic even though I know my friends meant well.

I find many fall into this trap of wanting to get married without first even trying to get to know their Selves even better. I see most of my high school friends go the same path like its the only ultimate goal in this life to work towards that they forget to follow or chase their own dreams. Once they have kids they project their own dreams onto their children until they feel as old as their age because they have stopped learning or trying out new things.

I’ve drifted apart with some friends because I’ve carved my own path and they seem to have followed a set route in life that I couldn’t relate to most of them anymore. I don’t have anything against married life and having one’s own progeny if the timing is right. But I could honestly say that I’ve never been more realistic and honest with myself than these past few years and nothing else matters than that. I had struggled with being so different in my earlier years because of the constant need to seek validation – I had thought being validated by the majority was equivalent to a realistic experience but I often found I was slowly betraying myself and the essence of my present reincarnation. I’ve also grown to listen closely to my intuition because even though it speaks softly, its implications have always been that of Truth.