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I’ve been making up for the times I was too busy to blog or write about stuff and in that regard I feel a wee bit accomplished for the day. However, I have more unfiltered thoughts than I am capable of writing down and as if a sign from the cosmic, a line from Spandau Ballet’s hit, True, creeps into my consciousness:

“Why do I find it hard to write the next line?”

This instantaneously brought out some memories and like a never-ending ripple, I instinctively listened to another song which covers True, Set Adrift On Memory Bliss, and again as if another cosmic signal, it seemed to mesh well with my subterfuge writer’s block dilemma.

“I think it’s just one of those déjà vu things,
Or a dream that’s tryin’ to tell me something”




It’s been almost 2 weeks that I’ve run out of GenEssentials primarily because the GNC Live Well branch here in my city has run out of stock of this useful digestive enzyme product. I first came across the function of digestive enzymes via e-mail subscriptions from Isabel De Los Rios and BioTrust Nutrition but it wasn’t until a year after I read their specific discussions on the said subject when it suddenly occurred to me to look for local stores that sell any and I did have GNC Live Well first in mind as the first stop.

I’ve only spotted one branch here locally and I browsed through 2 or 3 brands of digestive enzymes products they have on display but Genesis Todays’ GenEssentials was the winner for me because the contents are all plant-based whereas the other brands beside it had soy and wheat in them, something which I’m allergic to.

On the first day I used it right before my first meal, I did notice the lightness I felt that’s associated with no bloating nor constipated feeling which I often experienced in the past post-meal. So naturally when I stopped using this because of non-availability (I’ve noticed I seem to be the only one buying this from the local GNC store and I might have been the only one who bought off the meager stock they have of it!), I felt those uncomfortable symptoms again and this whole situation made me wish I lived in Manila again.


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