I’ve just entered my second cycle, The Cycle of Quick Changes, and even though I’ve considered the 1st of July and onwards to be a generally auspicious time for me, it hasn’t been good news for the start of the month for me today.

I’ve seen bad news concerning 2 key people I know. At least for me it was bad mainly because it triggered negative emotions which, of course, I’ve been examining for the most part of the day why they were triggered and what part of me triggered a particular resistance. I did not skirt around the issues, I had to have time by myself to reflect on them. After reflecting on them, I had to see another perspective of it. Only then can I hope to move forward by taking action.

The only good news I got today upon waking up was dreaming something about Germany. I knew it was a sign pointing to the result of the Germany versus Algeria World Cup match as I had these straightforward dreams right before I saw the live matches of Portugal, Brazil and Argentina. The patterns for those previous dreams were that it would be a very close match that would see a late goal for the would-be winner. I still consider these rare dreams though.