I’ve noticed a pattern in two dreams I’ve had two weeks apart. I call their common denominator “glaring signals”.

The first dream two weeks ago involved KS. The night before I had that dream KS did cross my mind and I was reflecting on how I have always been insecure about her. In the dream I was having a conversation with her, but it was one where she initiated the contact. Surprisingly she sort of kept her distance initially and I could not believe what I was seeing in her eyes – there was that awe and respect and at the same time she had that insecurity about being around my company. She wondered aloud about which qualities I had that made Elk love me. She asked me that question as if I knew Elk more than she did and that was laughable in itself knowing her history of publishing everything about her time in his place throughout her social media accounts. I answered her in a no-nonsense manner and I was very logical in my responses.

The next scene I remember was KS taking me to their backyard and showing me a garden full of blooming red roses. The feeling in the dream during this scene was of a friendly atmosphere.

The dream sort of tried to give me a message that the lingering perceptions I had about KS no longer hold true. However, my conscious mind seems to perpetuate those sets of wrong perception because it felt convenient to think that way when I have no direct informant who could verify what the dream may be telling otherwise. A week after that dream I saw signs pointing to the dream’s message but I still uphold that unless I hear it from the horse’s mouth, it cannot yet be proven true.

Second glaring signal dream two nights ago was about XX. The night before I had a dream about XX, I was reading his latest blog post and checked out his Facebook profile, something I do like once in a blue moon. There was one post that could be categorized as a shoutout to a friend whom I think he actually likes as more than a friend.

In the dream I saw XX being around where I was. I wasn’t sure if he noticed me but despite how busy I was rummaging through some stuff in the room I could still watch what he’s doing. It seemed like I was getting a glimpse of his coveted traditional family kind of life. In the dream he was married to a woman which I hadn’t seen in his Facebook timeline before. She didn’t look nor feel even remotely close to the friend whom I believe he likes.

There goes that glaring signal again. My dream corrects my lingering perception about him and what his relationship with her might be. Apparently there is or there might be someone else he has or will set his eyes on as the one he would spend the rest of his life with. But I don’t know if my dream is right, so it’s pretty comfortable for me to assume otherwise and to feel quite jealous about XX’s friend – it gives me the excuse to feel angry. It doesn’t make any sense but I know better than to call out black and white on this train of thought and emotions.