I’ve dreamt of KS a lot this year and mostly it was about her initiating the conversation with me that I couldn’t help but think if she had contemplated about actually being friends with me. I know when my dreams are of a recurring person with a recurring theme that the person in question is trying to reach out. The why or the intention, however, is something I don’t understand.

The last time I had a confrontational type of dream with KS, another visage of a girl had cropped up in my head but all I could remember was the first name, E. It was a factor I dismissed and didn’t write down in the dream journal because I could not see the connection between KS and E. I guess I should have included that clue because a few weeks after that dream a full answer dropped on my lap. Out of the blue I had a recollection of E’s complete name and who she was. When I followed the clues, it led me to the discovery that KS and E had become friends since last year. So it wasn’t a coincidence that E’s first name cropped up in the first place.

For a while I felt so insecure about these two women. It took me some weeks after to get out of that mire of self-pity and to realize those two actually had something in common to talk and share about. They were both immature and I couldn’t relate.