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¿Te apetece un café?

Last Monday I was hanging out at a dimly-lit Starbucks sweet-binging my week frustrations away when a light bulb went off in my head (pun intended) – how come most coffee shops have dim lighting?

I’ve read articles about how the pineal gland produces more melatonin, a hormone which controls our body’s circadian rhythm, most especially when the lights are off. Controlling the brightness of the light signals the pineal gland to produce more melatonin and induces drowsiness. The brain is tricked to think it needs to stay awake and we eventually hanker for another coffee cup or refill.

Back in August I used to hang out in another coffee shop to work on long pages of translation documents and I remember spending 5 hours in 4 or 5 consecutive days to get the job done. It was ideal to stay there starting lunch time up to pre-sunset. When the sun sets the staff pulls down the window blinds and it gets dimly-lit from then on and I found it hard to concentrate – along with less brightness was my waning interest in work and I get tempted to pack up and go. But what happens after I switch to another brightly-lit area is my brain starts to function again and I would want to pick up where I left off.

I made a mental note of that back in August and told myself if I ever work on long pages of translations again I would move to a brighter hangout place. I counted local coffee shops I’ve been in and controlled brightness of the light in the room is never absent.


I’m amazed how timing works in our lives sometimes. Some days I do things which I didn’t know until later that it had some significance in the past and it comes off as some kind of a ritual done unconsciously.

On October 31st, I prayed and meditated for some of the negativity in the past to go away and at the same time to help me let go of the old perceptions I had had about a few people.

I also came across an old passport and when I randomly opened it, I was taken to page 23 where my Australian tourist visa was stamped. That stamp arrived on October 31st as well. I remember very well that I had a dream the night before about Halloween, ghouls and the sight of the cemetery blended with a visage of KS. The whole dream alluded to scary stuff and some I secretly feared but I did not feel scared at all. At the time I took it to mean that the dream was telling me that I need not be afraid because my fear was solely based on the wrong set of perceptions. I thought these two October 31st coincidences, albeit three years apart, were unexpectedly sublime.

I lit a black and white candle, black to let go and white to welcome positivity of course. The night before, a Thursday, I didn’t even know if I could ever find a black candle or even get out to buy one. I was busy as heck and up to my neck with a deadline to chase. I took a chance to ask my cousin if he could buy one for me but didn’t pressure him. I thought if he could find one and bring home one, then I was meant to do so on a Samhain; if not, it was cool. There’s the next Friday and the next one after that and so on. I’m glad my cousin did even though either way would have been fine.


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