I had my first experience with crystals on November 26th last year. Everything does happen for a reason as I never thought I’d actually be working with crystals in my lifetime. I was originally looking for crystals to aid in astral projection and that’s how I got to search for amethyst, sodalite, clear quartz, rainbow moonstone, lodestone and selenite on Etsy. As serendipity would have it, the amethyst and sodalite would arrive first because I ordered it from an Etsy shop owner located in Singapore while the rest of the stones mentioned had to be shipped from Florida.

Following my philosophy with listening to songs first before searching for the lyrics or not watching too much spoiler movie trailers before watching a movie, I preferred not to read much into the description of the crystals nor did I browse other blogs first about people’s experiences with stones before I could have a chance to experience them for myself. I get a lot of lucid dreams and dream trace and recall isn’t usually relatively difficult for me so I was ecstatic to sleep with both the amethyst and sodalite beside me.

I did have vivid dreams and there were a lot that I did not even bother to write them down because I felt they were the daytime thoughts purging type of dreams. I also experimented with sleeping with each crystal separately for a night. I noticed – without fail – that amethyst induces dreams about my family members and relatives and camaraderie. What came to mind was the connection between amethyst with Jupiter and how my Jupiter in Cancer is placed in the 11th house of my astrology chart. It’s curious how this combination of Jupiter being a benefic planet, Cancer being a family-oriented sign, and the 11th house being called the house of friendships was picked up by amethyst’s vibration.

Every person carries their own complex soul experiences with them but I’ll admit that I am not much of a “joyful friend” when it comes to my immediate family members. Being a life path 7, I pretty much love my solitude and keep to a few close friends. However, I consider my immediate family to be more of a big responsibility (breadwinner type) and less of a confidante of any sort. I do not feel guilty in this kind of detachment, this is just the way I am and I believe this is the way my karma is built around my family. I touched on a related topic in this blog called “The Mask I Could Not Give Up” and I do feel like I wear a different mask when I am around my close friends as when I’m around my blood relatives.

Working with the amethyst crystal during the daytime enabled me to have intuitive flashes, premonitions, and sudden insights. For some reason I couldn’t pin down, though, it did nothing to placate me emotionally.

Sodalite, on the other hand, works subtly as the amethyst. I noticed sodalite facilitates me most with my communication patterns and being able to express my ideas.