I don’t believe in asigning a sole major factor when a catalyst for change is brought up. There’s so much a tricky mind is blind to that falling for that error can lead to a case of the blind leading the blind. Humans as we are we have to adjust to the limitations the immutable universal laws have bound us to. 

July for me came with an onslaught of unbidden signs of good-byes and letting go’s propelled by new starts. It’s that Death tarot card hanging over my head again – I start anew again and again and again and again. Hell, I’ve lost count of this pattern. This good-bye had been a long time coming – I just did not see it yet about 3 years ago that finally cutting the cord was imminent despite the unwavering effort of a then recent acquaintance to get to know me. I was not wholly unresponsive as my karmic tendencies slowly won me over, but the situation and the person weren’t enough to provide me the impetus I needed. The novelty wore off, it all fizzled not so surprisingly until he got tired. 

What’s really damning is two years later I would get an epiphany in the form of a reflected energy – different person but with same energy mold but somehow better suited to my vibe. I cannot help but dearly wish this was the ultimate one I had waited for. Maybe the worst, in a definite sense, is really over. 

But, of course, I’m just dreaming away. Nothing is real.