There are specific times I would listen to a suggested song right away but on other days I would be quick to dismiss it. Begrudgingly I’ve ignored Johnny Hates Jazz’s Shattered Dreams for too long each time a snippet of it finds its way into my subconscious. Two nights ago, however, I gave in to the strong urge to search for it on Spinnr and listen to it, hoping the last song syndrome I gave myself might go away soon. But here I am still listening to it, and still hoping.

I didn’t live in regret. I’ve read we don’t remember the memories as it happened but rather how we last remembered them. I was enamored with the place, but not as much as the person I associated it with. My eidetic memory may be questionable but not the feelings I once associated each memory with. This is what really makes us humans have a soul experience – the set of emotional triggers and the meaning we put into them. Over time, we may modify our emotional responses to adapt to the demands of the present. And the process goes on and on.

One day you’re feeling positive, only to find out later it was just a byproduct of delusion and ignorance. Striking a balance between the head and the heart is a never-ending theme.

What once was – It never dies. One just learns to live with it.