It’s Christmas eve in my side of the world and after three decades of first knowing about it, what hasn’t changed is my ambivalence to it. I simply don’t understand the whys and origins of it other than Christmas was obviously mainly a Christian tradition. My friends had told me that it’s an eponymous celebration about the birth of Christ and therefore it’s a celebration of love and giving, et cetera, et cetera. How they defined it didn’t really help me much when people are just going to supposedly show the spirit of giving and loving during the holidays but completely forget about it when it’s over.

Most of my Christian friends thought there was something wrong with me for initially disliking Christmas, that I was a mean-spirited grinch. Of course the grinch doesn’t really exist, neither does Santa Claus. The inclusion of the latter into “Jesus Christ’s birthday” is mind-boggling. Not to mention all the other pagan symbols it adopted; so-called holy priests assimilating paganism from the heretics they punished. If I were a business woman I’d probably go all gung-ho about making people believe the essence of Christmas, but maybe secretly won’t practice what I would preach about it. 

I do believe in Cycles, though – cycles and seasons we do karmic work with. If Christmas is popular with the majority of people in this planet, it may be a necessary step to the evolution ladder.